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By Bert64

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I think its a bit yellowish, is this normal? Thanks




Its from all the cold wind and winter weather , apart from that looks fine to me , do you give it protection over the winter ?

3 May, 2017


I only have it since 4weeks but im thinking off getting it out and plant it in a bigger pot if thats possible, i wont leave it there in the winter thats why i planted it with pot

3 May, 2017


If it needs re-potting ?

Being nosy where will you put it over winter ?

4 May, 2017


I think in the yard, wrapped up, no wind ?

5 May, 2017


You could do , but then if you have any minus temperatures you have to be careful the pot roots dont get frozen thats the advantage of them being in the soil , I grow a Colocasia in a huge pot but I use old packing of polystyrene around the base of the pot which works well and keep the soil on the dry side .

5 May, 2017

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