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By Rogi

NRW, Germany De

Hallo all. Up to now I have not see any frogs in my pond this it still too early in the year and maybe too cold....the temps the last couple of weeks have not been over 10 C. Last year I had loads of frogs and tadpoles....and I always thought that frogs go back to the pond where they were born....but maybe not?. Thanks for any answers.



Hi Rogi, frogs do normally go back to the pond where they were spawned, did you see any spawn earlier or evidence of tadpoles?

4 May, 2017


thanks for the answer. up to now I have not seen any frogs spawn or tadpoles...maybe they will come when the weather gets a bit warmer.

5 May, 2017


I'd have thought you should be at least seeing spawn if not tadpoles by now... Has anything else changed round about?

5 May, 2017


Tadpoles spent quite a long time on the bottom and not visible if you have vegetation in there, mine have only just 2 days ago migrated to the top and often still lurk in the depths. Fingers crossed. Ohh unless you've got fish in there, they'll eat most of them.

5 May, 2017


Thanks for all the answers....most appreciated. I donĀ“t have fish in the now just hoping that they will appear in the next few days / weeks.

5 May, 2017


It does seem a bit late even given the difference in climate. I had frogs mating in February, although not as many as in previous years, lots of spawn, but have not yet seen very many tadpoles.

5 May, 2017

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