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By Dan22

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

The yucca gloriosa I have flowered last year. How long does it take to start seeing new growth around the old flower stem.



Unless it flowered very late, it should have started growing again within a couple of weeks after the blooms faded. If the weather was starting to turn then, it should show new growth as soon as others in the neighborhood do. If it is in a container, how big is the container, and have you fed it any?

5 May, 2017


The plant was flowering around November last year, its the green and cream leaf type not plain green version if that makes a difference.

6 May, 2017


The stripey ones are a little slower to grow than the solid green ones. Around here, they also sometimes stop growing on the original rosette, and send up new ones from the roots.

6 May, 2017

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