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Can anyone tell me what type of weed this is and how to get rid of it?




I'm not at all sure the growth shown in your image is a weed - it looks more like an emerging clump of an herbaceous perennial of some sort, although I don't recognise it at this stage. How long has it been there, did it just appear out of nowhere and is it continuing to get taller?

7 May, 2017


We just moved into this house we bought on April 1st. I'm not at all familiar with with plants but would like to learn. Would you like more pictures?

7 May, 2017


Ah okay. The standard advice with a garden you've acquired but don't know is to wait a year, just stripping out any obvious weeds, and watching what pops up - there may be hidden bulbs and other plants which haven't surfaced yet. Some you may want to keep, many you may not. I can see some weedy growth in there, there's something with a tooth edged leaf and also some grass blades visible, but weeds don't usually come up as a large clump like this. Maybe wait a bit then post another picture as it grows, maybe we'll recognise it then?

7 May, 2017


It looks a bit like a dwarf Hypericum, now, but there are other candidates.

7 May, 2017


? My kids and I ripped up a chunk of these before I realized they may not be weeds. We'll leave the rest alone! Thank you! First time home owner here. There are a lot of bushes, trees, flowers etc here that idk. I think I'll make another post with a bush/tree I've been trying to put a name to. Thank you again everyone.

8 May, 2017

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