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By Pdb

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I have bought 2 hydrangeas online from a reputable company. I have had plants from them before and have been pleased with the purchases.
However I have to say I was dissapointed with the hydrangeas when I opened them.
The twiggy one is H Bombshell and I really was expecting a more established plant for £17.99.
The other one is H Blushing Bride. That one seems to have scorched leaves but I assume that will be ok.
I don't like to complain but do you think I should contact them regarding the Bombshell or will it put on a lot of growth this year.
Many thanks for any replies

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I would have expected better for that price. I'm guessing Crocus? I would certainly complain - I've seen them advertised a lot cheaper in a 3litre pot.

8 May, 2017


A couple of weeks ago I bought some plants from Crocus and when they arrived, they where damaged. Someone when packing them had thrown the catalogue and paperwork onto them. I phoned them straight away and there was no arguments, just an apology and 3 replacement plants sent out by express. I would give whoever supplied them a call.

8 May, 2017


These plants suffered minor frost damage, but are otherwise healthy plants. They'll be fine if you just plant them as you normally would. I honestly don't think the replacements would look any better if they're coming from the same lot.

8 May, 2017


Yes Steregram you are correct, it is Crocus.
I rang them and am awaiting a reply from the Plant Doctor. Can you recall which website you've seen them?
I will let you know what they say.

8 May, 2017


I haven't seen them on a website Pdb - sorry! I guessed Crocus because of the price. They a highly reputable firm that sells good plants, but they know how to charge for it.
I'm sure they'll sort out some satisfactory solution for you as their reputation isn't worth risking.

11 May, 2017

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