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By Gaia01

Midlothian, Scotland, United Kingdom Gb

I want to move a Euphobia from the back garden into the front. When is the best time to do this please. Ideally I don't want to have to wait until Autumn if at all possible.



How long's the Euphorbia been in its current position and which Euphorbia is it? If its not enormous and widespread, you can move it now so long as you're prepared to keep it well watered right up to late autumn.

8 May, 2017


It's been there about 8 photo is the variety...not sure what it's called and highly unlikely that I'm going to keep it looks like best leave it til autumn then. Thanks Bamboo.

8 May, 2017


When you do move it, the roots will likely go down pretty deep, but at least if you wait till Autumn and you lose or break some, the plant's got a chance to recover by next spring. Be careful of the sap, its a skin irritant.

8 May, 2017


Would the Euphobia grow in a pot?

9 May, 2017


Yes, although if its a big clump, you'd need a pot big enough to accommodate all its roots without cramping them up. But you'd need to keep that watered!

9 May, 2017


Thanks for your help Bamboo.

9 May, 2017

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