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Helianthemums:I have a lovely compact red one with glossy leaves in the Ben series and a lemon one with slofter grey leaves, which tends to be straggly..
I'm trying to find another glossy leaved one with with either lemon or white flowers. I thought there was one listed somewhere but I can't remember where I got the red one and have failed to find one on line.
if anybody knows what it might be I'd be grateful.



Stera, I just typed Helianthemum into the search box and it shows a fair few for sale, especially by Burncoose Nurseries. Hope that helps you!

10 May, 2017


Thanks Shirley. I did find lots on line but not yellow ones with glossy leaves... I've looked at Burncoose as you suggested but its hard to see the leaves on their webpage. i have sent them an email to see if they can help.

11 May, 2017


Great ... I would imagine they will be of help before too long.

12 May, 2017


They weren't - all they said was that they stock the six varieties on their web page - just suggested I enlarge the pics so I could see the leaves. I don't think there is what I wanted at all. Sigh...

13 May, 2017


How about looking at Helianthemums on here, members own ones and seeing if you can find the one(s) you are looking for. That way, you could ask the member where they sourced theirs. Just a thought .....

13 May, 2017


google 'yellow helianthemum with glossy leaves' you will find loads are on the web

13 May, 2017


I did that first Scotsgran but didn't find any. The nearest I got was an orange one but as I wanted it to contrast with a red one I already have I let it go by...If you have found any I'd be interested to see the reference? All the yellow ones I found had soft grey leaves, and its one of those I want to replace.

Off to follow up Shirley's suggestion now.

Thank you both for your interest and suggestions. I do find one I'll try to remember to let you know!

13 May, 2017


Sorry I did not have time to give more details when I did the first reply. Find H. The Bride on the RHS website with 35 suppliers..
This next link gives a good selection of rock roses
Ashwood nurseries do Ben Fhada
The following link shows an attractine white version 'New Moon'
I tried blowing up photos of the plants on the Burncoose site and still could not say what the leaves are really like.

16 May, 2017


No its a problem with photos from nurseries -they just concentrate on the flower. Its kind of you to go to so much trouble Scotsgran. I'd had a good trawl round Google before I asked on Goy. Ben Fada and The Bride are both beautiful but don't appear to have the glossy leaves. I hadn't seen new Moon - its lovely- but I don't think the leaves are glossy. i will email a supplier and ask - might just give in about the leaves as the flowers are gorgeous!

16 May, 2017


Golden Queen
Low growing, bushy evergreen also known as Rock Rose or Sun Rose.
From spring to mid-summer Golden Queen is a riot of colour with tissue like, bright yellow, saucer shaped flowers held above a carpet of small glossy dark green leaves.
When mature Golden Queen reaches a height of approx. 20cm and a spread of 45cm.

Helianthemum nummularium var. grandiflorum
Rock Rose
This is a rather fine variety of the Rock Rose found at high altitudes in the mountains of southern and central Europe. An enduring plant with shiny green leaves, it bears throughout summer clusters of large, golden or orange-yellow flowers, each 1½ins or so across. A colourful plant for a sunny spot on the rockery or front of the border. 1ft (30cm)
photos on
I have been away and perhaps you have found what you are looking for but if not this info might be helpful.

22 May, 2017


Wow, no I had given up.thank you very much, this is so kind of you!

30 May, 2017


I hope you are able to get what you need.

30 May, 2017

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