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Shrub ID please

A friend of mine has had this in her garden since she moved in ten years ago and has never identified it. She usually cuts it back before it flowers but ill health prevented that for the last couple of years.

I'd be grateful to learn what it is and how best to get it back under control.


Wp_20170501_16_01_35_pro Wp_20170501_16_01_13_pro



Possibly an Elaeagnus.

11 May, 2017


Osmanthus delavayi - shame she cuts it back before it flowers, because not only are the flowers pretty, they're fragrant. Ultimate height and spread 3m x 4m, slow growing, with a naturally rounded growth habit. If it must be pruned, best done immediately after flowering, not before.

11 May, 2017


That's gorgeous whatever it is!

11 May, 2017


Thanks, Bamboo. Her problem is that it is right in front of the front door and 3m x 4m would mean she couldn't get into the house.

I'll tell her that it can be clipped back after it flowers.

11 May, 2017


It is lovely.

11 May, 2017


...or she could cut a tunnel through it! ;)

11 May, 2017


Thanks all. Yes, it is lovely and my picture does it no justice at all.

12 May, 2017

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