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Root Problems - According to "Reader's Digest" Gardening Question Book Hydrangea Root - are very unlikely to cause damage problems. I have a climbing Hydrangea planted in a stone trough growing between my garage and neighbour garage. Who said he is concerned about the root growing big and damaging the sewer pipes under our thick concrete drive. I have been told also besides the Reader's Digest comments - by staff at the local garden Centre that I can safely believe the comments stated in Reader's Digest answer. Would appreciate knowing what your opinion is.



I have always thought that if its not a tree, or a pernicious weed, then its unlikely to cause any problems. I hope not anyway, as both me and my daughter have climbing hydrandea planted against our house walls. I suspect your neighbour is being overly anxious. If Alan Titchmarsh is happy to have massive wisterias and roses growing up his Georgian mansion, then I'm sure my house will be ok...unless of course it is already damaged or otherwise compromised.

12 May, 2017


Our huge Hydrangea anomala ssp petiolaris has had no effect on our drains at all. The roots are fibrous rather than woody. Now if it was a willow...............

12 May, 2017


If the hydrangea is in a trough I don't see how it can cause drainage problems!

12 May, 2017


Lol MG full marks for reading it properly! I missed that bit!

12 May, 2017


Thank you so much for your quick responses - He keeps bringing this subject up every few months. -We have been neighbours for a great many years and not once have I complained about his habit of him washing 4 vehicles on the drive. The water often floods my path under my Conservatory Windows and I believe is now the reason (besides the rain & age of) the cement between my stone path are slightly lifting. Thanks again for replies.

13 May, 2017

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