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Could you please tell me what these stick like plants are,thank you!




Possibly Bamboo ... does your neighbour have Bamboo in their garden with runners coming into yours?

13 May, 2017


Looks like Bamboo to me, has your neighbour got Bamboo growing in their garden?
Ha! Ha! Shirley we must of sent our comment at the same time LOL x

13 May, 2017


I will never plant a Bamboo in my garden again, after one pushed its way through the log roll edging of a raised bed, dreadful stuff!

13 May, 2017


Thankyou ladies,yes it is bamboo,I have a bamboo plant that's been there for approx 5 years but never seen anything like these growing just random both in the border and out. I'm going to dig the lot out and hopefully it will go! Thankyou once again xx

13 May, 2017


I got rid of a lot of mine, I found it easy but the one I have in the front garden I can't manage to do, I now have a gardener once a fortnight to come in & help me as I have some Rheumatism in my hands now which causing me a problem so she is doing all the jobs I can't manage :o))

15 May, 2017

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