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How do I plant up chitted potatoes, in a growing sack. I have the compost, grit and potatoes just need a method.
Thanks in advance.




Easy to do but no need to use the grit but if you want to that will go in first.

Put the compost in about 2 inches 5.08 centimeter deep

Next put the tubers in with the sprouted part facing up most , you only need two or three shoots so pick the strongest and rub the others off , then cover with compost 2 inches 5.08 centimeter wait till they pop up leave a week and then add more compost each time until you get to the top so it may take several " toppings up of compost" make sure you give them a good water twice a week and you need to feed them as well ....

13 May, 2017


If you have really good compost, you don't need the grit. That is for hard clay. Make sure the chitted potatoes sit out for a couple days before you plant them. They need time to callus over. This will prevent pathogens/bugs/worms from attacking your potatoes underground.

Just fill the grow bag about 10 inches & plant your chitted potatoes which have already callused over. Roll the top of the bag down to the top of the soil.

Once the potatoes sprout and begin to grow, add more compost to bury the vines up to the first set of leaves. Roll the bag up a little more to the level of the soil. Potatoes will sprout all along the buried stems. Keep adding more compost as the vines grow & roll the grow bag up until the entire bag is filled to the top.

So when the entire bag is filled to the top. Just let the vines grow out of the top of the bag. Keep the soil moist at all times & keep it in full sun. When you see the flowers blooming on top of the vines, the potatoes are almost ready to harvest. When the leaves turn yellow/brown and fall down, then it's time to harvest your potatoes.

13 May, 2017


There is a video on this link showing you how to plant and harvest your potatoes

13 May, 2017


Hi Sellina 46! You've got all the info you need there I think..I was wondering, do you grow a lot of veg? Or are you a beginner to gardening. If so, you'll get loads of help on here from our members and you might be able to help us too!, just post a photo or two to get started. Welcome to GOY!

14 May, 2017


Thank you all for help, I much appreciate the time you put into helping this novice (all be it later in life) gardener. I'm retired after 47 years as a chef, so really enjoying pottering in my very small patio garden, everything grown in pots. So once again thanks.
Sellina 46!

16 May, 2017


You're welcome Sellina! :)

16 May, 2017

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