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I need some help. I bought this plant a wile ago. I can not remember the name of it. Also can I put it outside in the summer? If so will it handle full hot sun or does it like shade?

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I think it might be the Zed Zed plant, sometimes called Zed plant, proper name Zamioculcas zamiifolia. Likes medium light levels, never direct sun, does well in shade. Bear in mind that putting houseplants outdoors for the summer can mean they become prey to infestations of insects that wouldn't trouble them in the house, so make sure you check the plant thoroughly before moving back indoors for winter. Plants moved outdoors from the house must also be hardened off before being left out all night.

14 May, 2017


It looks happy right where it is. Bamboo reminded me how I lost my beautiful 18 year old jade plant which I never moved out of the house. The mistake I made was to move a few flowering potteds into the house for temporary party decor. I did not notice till later that one of the plants had mealy bug. A few months later I first noticed a sticky residue on the table where the jade plant was sitting and then I noticed the mealy bug. I lost the battle to save it. Would love to see you post more pictures of your garden. As for small towns in PA Shartlesville is one of my favorites...from reading your profile.

14 May, 2017

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