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Can anyone give me any advice on my banana plant please? It looks so different than last summer. It was a lush green when I bought it and it grew very well in the position it is in. I live in the South West of England near the english channel.




Have you had a fair bit of windy spells, as it looks like wind damage, it causes the leaves to tear.

14 May, 2017


Hi Suziebeans! Welcome to Goy. There are lots of people on here who grow Bananas and will be able to help you. I myself don't grow them, but can see this is wind damage as Kev has said. We have had a very windy spring. Hopefully the new leaves still to come will be intact and the plant will grow well. It might be an idea to wrap it in fleece over the winter, or just when prolonged windy spells occur. What else are you growing in your garden? Karen

14 May, 2017

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