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Can anyone identify these plants, please? I have asked previously but they were much smaller then. Three photos all the same plant.xx

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Hi Vickii99! Welcome to Goy. I'm sorry I'm afraid I'm stumped. They are growing well for you though! I am just wondering if you have any more did you come by them and were there any flowers on the mother plant if you saw it? Do you know if it is a houseplant or a garden plant? If you want to keep them going I think its time to tip out the pot, split them up very gently, holding on to the leaves, not the stems, and repot each one singly in some multi-purpose or John Innes no.2 compost as they will soon be pot bound in that little pot. :)

14 May, 2017


Its a wild guess this...but they do look a bit like impatiens or busy lizzies. Google impatiens images and see if that helps at all. :)

14 May, 2017


Thanks Cottagekarer. I took ill and after buying them, relied on a helper to plant these out but they went in too small and died off. These are what's left over. However, they are not buzy lizzies but could be amemones, freesias or begonias - although I can't be sure because my illness really knocked me for six and I can't remember or find out where I bought them from.

14 May, 2017


Ah....well don't worry Vicki. They will grow and then we will find out what they are, and that will be a lovely surprise! I forget what I've planted every year and have a lovely time enjoying the surprises! :) I hope you are recovering......:)

14 May, 2017


I thought they looked like Dahlia seedlings.

14 May, 2017


I agree with Jimmy ... dahlia , one of the bedding types

When are you planting them out or are you going to separate and grow on a bit longer into individual pots ? as they look like they need more space to grow

14 May, 2017


Hi, I agree with Jimmy and Gnarly, dahlia seedlings, when you repot them, fill the pots with compost to within 1" of the top, they look leggy because they've been searching for light, Derek.

14 May, 2017


Jimmy, Gnarly and Derek you all got it right!! They are Dahlia Diablo! Thank you all so much. My 5 year old great grand daughter asked me to check my paypal account to see if I had paid for these plants there. She was right! A five year old telling her great grand mother what to do. I'm a little ashamed but proud and pleased how clever she is. She helped her dad and grand dad to plant them for me as

15 May, 2017



Thats great news ... I did say Dahlia when you asked the last time lol

*tip* when a little bigger pinch out the growing tip this will help them bush out and you will get more flowers and watch out for slugs and snails ...

16 May, 2017

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