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By Mudpies

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Hi I need to know the tname of the tool that is like a claw at the bottem and you turn the handle and it breaks up the soil



You more or less answered that one yourself! It's called a Garden Claw, from Draper, but there are other makes and a huge variety of prices. Just pop in the name and see what comes up.

14 May, 2017


You are a star in a wheel chair now so can't get down and dig anymore but so glad to get back to gardening. Thanks

14 May, 2017


Welcome to GOY Mudpies. Love your name I can see you have a refreshing sense of humour.Sorry to hear you are in a wheelchair but it is good to know you are still a keen gardener. Thrive is an organisation which supports gardeners who are not fully mobile or have some sort of disability that makes gardening difficult. My mother had one of those garden claw gadgets. It took quite a lot of strength to manipulate it standing up. She gave up on it and bought a cultivator instead. It had interchangeable handles so she could use it in different scenarios. There is good information on this link. Copy it to google it. I would not want you to end up with a permanent strain injury.
I look forward to seeing some photos of your garden.

14 May, 2017


We don't use them much, here, because they keep breaking in our brick-hard desert dirt, but probably very helpful wherever the soil is reasonable.

14 May, 2017

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