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Hi. I live by the coast and wondered if I could collect and use seaweed as a fertiliser for my camellia?



As a fertilizer for anything! Make sure you wash it first to get rid of the salt. Our local beach has a stream through it so I just stand the seaweed there in a crate with holes in and then leave it to drain for a few minutes. Somebody once stopped me and asked what I was going to do with it - was I going to eat it! Lol, two compost sackfuls???

I haven't used it on a camellia but it worked wonders on a hydrangea. I didn't do anything fancy with it, just laid some round the plant and let nature take its course, though I believe some people go to the trouble of soaking it for days in a bucket of water and using the liquid.

There hasn't been any washed up this winter, I don't know why. (Though we did find a giant jellyfish the other day, about a foot across!)

15 May, 2017


I would be keen to collect it, wash it and leave it out in the sun to dry. You can scrunch it up and sprinkle around your plants and hoe it in. You could add some to your compost if you wished. I understand that it is harvested and used on the potato fields in Jersey. On thing I would take into consideration is that it contains some calcium which would create a problem if used on camellias and other lime haters.

15 May, 2017


Thank you for the hint re calcium Jimmy - that's very useful to know. I guess it will be good for brassicas then.

15 May, 2017


Welcome to Goy Shell. Let us know what you do..and if it works. My friend remembers going to the beach to collect seaweed for use on the farm fields here. He has worked here about 55 years. Pity they only use chemicals now. Dont even see them using the cow dung.

15 May, 2017


Thanks everyone for your help. I knew seaweed made a good general fertiliser, but I didn't want to use it on my camellia just in case. So Jimmys comment about the calcium was really useful.
It has been in a pot for a few years and I'm planning to transfer it to the garden now we've settled in our new home.

15 May, 2017


Gosh thank you for this blog I have been feeding everything with liquid seaweed,camellias,the lot,hope I have not done to much damage.

16 May, 2017

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