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By Afril

norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

Hundreds of these have appeared in my lawn. Can anyone please tell me what they might be? They are about 15cm long and all have one pair of leaves. Also, how can I get rid of them?

Many thanks.

2017_05_18 2017_05_18_1_ Img_20170504_152515



Tree seedlings. possible Birch. Has someone got a tree near by?
Mowing the lawn wiil stop them in any case.

17 May, 2017


I would have said Sycamore seedlings but agree that mowing is probaly the best option. Of course, more will grow next year after the autumn seed fall.

17 May, 2017


Thanks for the replies. I have added a couple of photos of trees that are close to my front garden. The first is in the road a few doors away and the second is dead opposite. I'm not sure if either of these is Birch or Sycamore?

Doses mowing actually kill the existing ones, or will they keep re-growing?

18 May, 2017

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