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I have a ten year old Acer in a 50lt pot. Last summer, and this, it has come into leaf as usual and looked very good, however, in both late springs the leaves have tended to die off and drop off the plant. Any ideas why?




possibly late frosts with a combination of drying winds.
it is a common problem I am afraid.

can the pot be placed somewhere more sheltered?

19 May, 2017


Thanks very much for your reply. It is in a sheltered spot now but I will look to see if I can place it somewhere else and see if that works.

19 May, 2017


Is it getting enough water and, given that it is in a pot, have you given it a feed at all?

19 May, 2017


Hi Alan. Welcome to Goy. I have the same problem with my potted Acers as I live in a windy spot. Another member said that an Acer expert (RHS exhibitor) friend of hers said that Acers shouldn't have sun before 2pm. I think that's good advice too. Late cold spells are my main problem with mine. Trying to keep them out of wind and morning sun is a challenge!

20 May, 2017

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