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By Nanjo

WITNEY, United Kingdom Gb

Hi everyone, I have grow some poppies from seeds I collected from my 'Beauty Of Livermere' does anyone know if they will flower & will they be the same as the parent plant ? This is an old photo of when I re -potted them , they are much bigger & filling out now. Thank you in advance :-)




Will they flower? Yes they should if they get enough sun. Think of how poppies grow in the open prairies, full sun all day long. Try to duplicate the same environment - as much sun as you can give them.

Will flowers be same as parent? Depends on what those bees were doing. Were they bouncing around visiting all different flowers, or all the same kind of flowers? It's potluck - some will be same, but others will be different & some happy accidents, some sad mistakes.

Also here is an article on cold stratification you will find interesting.

20 May, 2017


Whatever you do, don't plant the babies out in a nursery bed to let them flower before deciding if you want to keep them or not. I did that and they are still coming up despite being dug out, weed killed for the last 20 years. And they are all the common red one too!

20 May, 2017


Even if the bees only visited other 'Beauty' flowers, the genes would re-assort, and there is no telling what you would get in the way of size and flower color. Some will match 'Beauty', some will be orange, some will be pinkish, some will have blotches, and some less so.

20 May, 2017


Thank you for your comments , I gave them to my Horticultural Society for their plant sale today which was appreciated so some good came from them :-)

27 May, 2017


Well done, Nanjo! The Society will benefit, and some folks will be very happy with their unique poppies!

28 May, 2017


I think I need some poppies for my garden. I hope I get lots of 'happy accidents' lol

28 May, 2017

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