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Hedging plant or shrub with grey foliage and small sweet smelling bell-like flowers in winter months. Can anyone name it please?



Whew! Tough one, Penny! Any picture possible?

20 May, 2017


Take a look at Elaeagnus × ebbingei

21 May, 2017


I must be losing it, Penny. I could have sworn that you said that the flowers were blue, in the original post. I should probably start reading everything twice, now! :/

22 May, 2017


Osmanthus maybe, but not sure when flowers

22 May, 2017


Hi Everyone, I am unexpectedly away for a week. I will try to get a photo of the shrub/hedging plant when I return. Not sure which post you are referring to, Tug. Don't think I've asked this before, although I'm probably scatty enough! No, not osmanthus, Daylily, I know that one, but will look up eleagnus ebbingei. If it isn't that I'll try to get a photo!

22 May, 2017


Sorry, Penny! No previous question was necessary--my faint, forlorn hope was that you had accidentally said blue when you first posted the question, and then edited it out. Not so, apparently! Ah, well, I'm going to miss my mind! ;P

23 May, 2017


Hi Tug, join the club! My mind goes walkabout quite often these days, worry not!
Thanks Pope dot, you are spot on! Now I know what to look for online.

29 May, 2017


Your welcome penny farthing.

30 May, 2017

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