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Preparing the soil as a base for my summerhouse. I have spent a long time digging up plants, bulbs and roots today. Undoubtably I will have left some bits of roots in the soil. I am putting weed membrane down on top of that will be a and a grid like base filled with pea shingle to let water drain off as the base of summerhouse. I am just a bit worried that some roots might grow back through membrane? Can you sterilise soil to stop any growth coming back?



The only weed I've heard of that can grow through a good quality membrane is horsetail and you haven't got that have you? Are you sure that the shingle will be a firm enough base? Our shed was erected by the makers and they stood it on concrete beams leaving the space below the floor just earth. Its as steady as a rock and no weeds will grow in the dark for long.

21 May, 2017


Thanks Steragram. No I don't have horsetail in my garden so should be ok.

22 May, 2017


I've had bindweed grow through it, too. Also bermudagrass and nutsedge, but hopefully those two aren't a problem in the UK.

23 May, 2017

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