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By Tercol

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I have an acre of lawn (now 4 yrs old) and have always used a munched ride on because of the amount of clippings, this year have purchased a new mower and was told thatch had been caused by the previous mower and it should be sacrificed. Confused as I was originally told if regularly cut no issues are caused, gras is cut at least once a week, not too short (so the clippings are not too long) the deeper soil is chalk based according to a neighbours ecological survey which he has just had done for building, do i need to scarifyor was this a guise to get me to buy the mower which incidentally they do sell an attachment to connect on the back!



If you don't regard your lawn as a feature of your garden and you only use it for recreational purposes, then cutting and producing a mulch wouldn't be a problem. If, however, you want a pristine, healthy lawn, then I would collect the clippings for compost. As regards a scarifier, whatever method you decide would be worthwhile as it would clear the build up of mulch or dead grass thatch as grass grows from its base.

22 May, 2017


Scarifying once a year would do nothing but good if you are looking for a show lawn - you would be totally astonished by what you collect! A scarifier will collect lots of moss (if you have a moss problem) as well as thatch from lawn mowings etc. Our mower collects the clippings but scarifying still produces a lot of detritus. I would quail at doing it on an acre...

23 May, 2017

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