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A Sorbus Copper Kettle tree is causing me problems. Last year I noticed the leaves became dry and crispy and died back. I decided to leave it and see what happened this year. It seemed to have recovered and the leaves seemed healthy but have just noticed time blue/grey insects on some leaves and the first few curling leaves. It can't be sprayed because of the planting underneath so should I dig it out and give up? Its 8 years old.



Why can you not spray it? There are organic anti-aphid sprays which you could use which is what it sounds like on the leaves. It could also be suffering from a lack of water. Try giving the tree a huge amount of water (I mean like gallons not pints).

22 May, 2017


Didn't know I could spray it..but I will do that today and try the water treatment too. Thank You :)

22 May, 2017

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