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Some time ago I asked if anyone could help identify some plants. These were seeds I'd found whilst sorting my Mums house after she passed away. There were a few suggestions, Yesterday I found a yellow/mustard coloured flower on one plant and then woke up this morning to find another plant has a red flower on it. Can anyone confirm what they are? Oh the yellow flower has closed up a bit, I hope you can still make it out. Thanks

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The first one is a Californian Poppy - Eschscholzia - and leave it, as it should form seed pods and seed itself...that is, if you want it to!

As we thought, the others are also poppies, wild ones usually called 'Opium Poppies'. If you like them leave them to self-seed, too.

16 Aug, 2010


While they are 2 different types of 'poppies', the first is Eschscholzia californica, probably 'Apricot Flambeau" or California poppy. Loves to reseed itsself and works best when sown in situ.

16 Aug, 2010



16 Aug, 2010

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