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By Mark61

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

i brought a dahlia plant yesterday at the car boot for 20P what a bargain.It does say to plant between february and june.Is it to late to plant it now?




Yes, far too late to flower this year. The only thing you could do is plant it in a pot and keep it frost-free somewhere light, and hope it flowers next year.

Good luck with it!

16 Aug, 2010


Although a tuber, it cannot survive indefinitely without going through its annual cycle of growth and storing its energy in the tuber. If you just put the tuber away it's likely it will be so dessicated and exhausted it will never grow. So do as SPZH says, get it into growth, and then keep it growing as long as possible, ideally in a frost free greenhouse or windowsill. Even if it then dies down in later winter, there will be life in the old tuber still, and you can reinvigorate it at the same time. Probably best to force it into growth over heat and make cuttings. I've done the same thing with canna tubers bought in September, and then divided the offsets in the spring.

16 Aug, 2010


Thankyou so much for your answers .I will put it in a nice dark place for next year.Is it next year lol .Thankyou again mark

16 Aug, 2010

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