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I was given a Kordana Rose a few months ago which I replanted into a larger clay pot. Right before frost I plan on placing this into a dark basement for the winter. My questions are: Should I keep the soil slightly moist? Will it survive in total darkness over the winter months? I plan to place it outdoors once temps go above freezing which will be late March to early April with no in between step...could doing that put it into shock and kill it? As always, thank you very much



I thought the Kordana Roses were for indoors...

28 May, 2017


Actually hardy outdoors, in the ground, down to USDA Zone 5: -15º F, -26.1º C. It's undoubtedly better to face that after being hardened off after a growing season.

28 May, 2017


I'm zone 6. Could I just leave it outside this winter perhaps wrapping it in burlap, pot and all?

28 May, 2017


I would put the pot in a sheltered spot, and wrap it, but leave all but the base of the bush exposed.

29 May, 2017

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