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By Jimmee

Manchester, United Kingdom Gb

Hello fellow gardeners. Please could someone name this plant?




To me it looks like Lysimachia punctata or Mornada both right before flowering. In any case I see plant support in the form of netting. I do the same thing by other methods though to keep them from being blasted down by a heavy storm.

29 May, 2017


I agree,It's Lysimachia..a bit of a thug,but easily kept under control,by pulling up unwanted stems..lovely yellow flowers,and a good background plant..mine seem to be ok,supported by other plants,but I can see the need for the netting by your lawn..

29 May, 2017


Yes Bloomer. I support my clump by growing Hosta around them. The Hosta corral works very well and looks natural.

29 May, 2017


I want to say a big thank you to Bloomer and Loosestrife2 for your answer.

29 May, 2017


You're very welcome Jimmee

29 May, 2017


Always someone to help on Goy if possible,Jimmee...

29 May, 2017

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