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By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Larkspur....does anyone grow these in their garden. I guess they are prolific as a whole seed packet has germinated that I sowed with my grand daughter and I cannot bear to throw any away. Are they similar to delphiniums?



They are the same family. It's a shame we can't attach pictures to other people's questions but you can google larkspur flowers and there are loads of them. They are very pretty.

29 May, 2017


I love larkspur and like you I have myriad plants this year, grown from seed. They are like a much slimmer version of
delphiniums and give a good variety of colours. If you have too many, either give some away or just put them in clumps in pots to dot around. They might not grow as robustly as the ones you plant out properly but they'll still give you a lot of colour.

29 May, 2017


They are finer textured than garden Delphiniums, need more sun, are generally tougher and more resilient, are annuals, and often reseed themselves from year to year. Similar flowers in slightly narrower spikes.

29 May, 2017


Thank you for all your comments...will upload some photos later in the year when they are in flower.

29 May, 2017


Look forward to seeing them, Andrea!

31 May, 2017

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