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By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Suggestions for planting underneath a weeping pear tree please? The aspect is south facing but obviously in shade due to the tree. I have just cleared underneath it today and would like to plant some colour for summer, any suggestions welcomed.



I did try and attach a photo but I am experiencing problems when trying to attach them along with my question, not sure why this should be.

29 May, 2017


Just seen this after replying to the first one - London Pride won't give bright summer colour, it just has green rosettes, with delicate sprays of tiny pink flowers in spring.
Lateral thinking: How about putting a small interesting garden ornament there instead?

29 May, 2017


That`s a good suggestion, didn`t think of that , thanks .

29 May, 2017


Just had another idea. If you like flower arranging have you tried Thalictrun minus, lesser meadow rue? I've never been without it - marvellous for dainty small arrangements. It sprawls a bit. It has typical thalictrum flowers but they are small sprays of tiny yellow ones. This won't give you colour of course but it enhances cut flowers beautifully and I have some in dry ground under a large ceanothus so it would grow under your tree. Never seen it for sale but I could send you a bit. There are some pics on Google if you want to have a look. Underplant with spring bulbs.

29 May, 2017

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