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By Chrisbg

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Hello, I'd like to buy a fast growing, mature tree for our medium sized garden. It's primary purpose would be as a climbing tree for my son and his friends. We are in hertfordshire and i think our soil is chalky, any ideas for the type of tree to buy? many thanks



Any tree you plant will need at least 7 years to reach a safe climbable size - under the best conditions. The root system must safely support 3 or 4 kids swinging from its branches simultaneously. Do they want to build a tree house? Why not? A maple tree is ideal or The mighty Oak.

29 May, 2017


thanks so much for your help, a tree house is exactly what we'd like to do eventually!

29 May, 2017


Hmm...I am thinking about how fast children grow up and how slowly trees mature! Here's an idea...why not build a tree house on a raised platform and plant some young trees around it. Then you could train the branches as they grow and get use of the 'den' in the meantime. :)

29 May, 2017


To transplant a mature tree takes three years and costs a great deal of money. I think Karen has a good solution.

29 May, 2017


Brilliant idea Karen. Meanwhile our Field Maple has grown to 10 feet in four years.

Btw, welcome to GoY Chris, from another Herts member.

30 May, 2017

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