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By Wagger

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

What is eating my geranium 'Mrs Kendall Clarke'? I grow quite a few different geraniums with no problems at all but this one (three, actually) has been decimated. It looks as if the leaf stems are snapped off top and bottom and the leaf eaten. Never known anything like it with a geranium.



Photo would help Wagger, could be birds, could be lots of things...

29 May, 2017


I'll try to do that tomorrow, Moon grower. It's so odd, all three of them are within touching distance of different geraniums which haven't been touched.

29 May, 2017


It's obviously more delicious than the other two...Ha e you tried putting a es slug pellets under it just in case its slugs?

30 May, 2017


Not with my two dogs fossicking around....and there are other slug-favoured plants nearby not touched.

17 Jun, 2017

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