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Could someone identify this plant for me. Is it a Mesembryanthemum? When we moved in there was an old plant pot left behind and this was a small plant struggling to survive. I planted it up by the patio and it has spread and provides lovely ground cover.




Erigeron glaucus. Can be a bit of a thug where suited. Tons of it along the front at Parkgate on the Wirral.

30 May, 2017


Yes I agree with Owdboggy. nice plant to 'find'.

30 May, 2017


Thank you both Owdboggy and Seaburngirl. Gosh, how wrong was I, I've never heard of this plant, but now that you've identified it for me, I can read up about it and add it to my log of plants. It is very pretty and the bees seem to love it as well. Thank you again.

30 May, 2017


Common name Fleabane

30 May, 2017

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