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Fern question
I planted a fern in a container some years ago and have done nothing to it since as it looks very healthy. Today I had a closer look and see that there are now two ferns there, a 2-pinnate and a 3-pinnate but sorting out what they are is too hard, especially before there are any sori. What I need to know is would it be feasible to try to sort them out now - if I wait until they have died back i might not be able to see which is which? Or would trying to separate them likely kill both of them? They seem bery mixed together.



if you go carefully then it is possible to split them. give them a really good soak first and replant asap. I've done this before and infact need to do it again with a lovely 'pair' in the ground.

30 May, 2017


When you say split do you mean pull apart of take a saw to the rhizomes? At first sight the two seem to be thoroughly interlaced.

30 May, 2017


yes I'd try teasing apart first . Ive used brute strength to pull and then used a knitting needle to loosen the roots further. if all else fails you may have to resort to a saw :o)

31 May, 2017

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