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What disease?

This poor shrub seems to be under attack - I don't know what the shrub is or what is going at it! There is an unpleasant smell too...

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Viburnum tinus under attack from the dreaded Viburnum beetle.
Soak with a systemic insecticide, prune off all the affected leaves and burn, not compost. Hope!

31 May, 2017


Thank you, Owdboggy! The smell was driving me mad until I tracked it down to the bush - I thought it was the drains :-0

31 May, 2017


You're not having a lot of luck are you Chilecat. Seems to be a lot of this about recently.

31 May, 2017


Don't forget to clear up any fallen leaf litter and I would scoop up and replace a layer of soil beneath the shrub where the grubs settle as they pupate into the beetle.

31 May, 2017

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