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Hello, I lived in Malawi for 30 years, and was given a Tillandsia Bergari (I believe it is) which grew into a very large plant, but which never flowered. It is supposed to have blue flowers. When I moved to Cyprus 17 years ago I brought with me 5 strands of the plant which grew into what I have today. It measures 81 inches in circumference and has never flowered.....until last week when one solitary blue flower appeared. Does anyone know why in all those years it never flowered until now? It always lives outside, although here in Cyprus I bring it inside when it gets cold in the winter. I also feel I should separate it as it's getting very heavy and would like advice on this too please.



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according to the RHS book I have it needs regular misting and a fortnightly feed of a 1/4 strength low nitrogen feed.

as for splitting the book says 'detach offsets in spring by gently pulling them apart. plant in coarse open leafy soil in partial or dappled shade. it is a rock dweller apparently.

hope this is of some help.

31 May, 2017

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