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Something is eating my Lobelia Cardinalis

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Something seems to be eating/stripping the stem of my plant. A precious purchase from the Tatton Garden flower show

On plant Lobelia cardinalis



Could it be slugs??

13 Aug, 2008


Mine have been devastated by slugs this year. The stems are eaten for several inches on one side, which weakens it and it snaps. For the last two years I had some trouble, but not as much as this year.

I did recently spray with a solution of Slug Clear and next morning there were lots of dead slugs on the ground. The bottle said that it is invisible to animals but I don't know if it is harmful if birds and hedgehogs eat the dead slugs. Our problem is that ground protection doesn't work - the slugs hang glide in from neighbouring tall plants!

13 Aug, 2008


Yes, I have found the same thing. Only one stem has suvived whereas the others have been eaten right through.

13 Aug, 2008


Me too! My new plant on the stream bank has two stems but only one is gorgeous - the other is a MESS!

14 Aug, 2008


...hang gliding slugs.......? 0_0

14 Aug, 2008


Slugs and snails love these!!

29 Jun, 2009

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