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By Clarkj

West Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone tell whether this shrub has any chance of being revitalised? The stems look rather sad!

Img_1007 Img_1006 Img_1008



Any idea what it is? Looks a bit like a Rhododendrum some of which do grow into almost tree like shrubs with not much lower growth. Top looks healthy, perhaps you could experiment and cut back a couple or three of the outer branches and see if it shoots out lower down.

2 Jun, 2017


Yes it would help if we could identify the shrub as some will shoot from lower down if cut back and others are more reluctant. Can you add a nice clear photo of a one of the healthy shoots? Some shrubs do behave like this and a good way of dealing with it is to plant something smaller and bushy in front of it to hide the bare stems.

2 Jun, 2017

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