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Could anyone please tell me if photinia red robin shrub is the same as photinia red robin hedging.I have the shrub,but I am going to plant a hedge thank you for any help.



Yes it is. Here is a link which gives lots of advice to questions about growing either as a shrub, tree or hedge.

2 Jun, 2017


Thank you scotsgran,and also for the link,I thought it was the same, but I am a bit of a novice ,so wanted some advice.

2 Jun, 2017


We have all been there Callie1914. Most members soon pick up lots of helpful advice, it is a good website thanks to the generosity we expect from fellow gardeners. I found this on the RHS website and wonder if your shrub is one of the other larus:-
There are only a few bays to chose from. In the main;
Laurus nobilis 'Aurea' AGM (yellow-leaved bay tree) has golden-yellow foliage
Laurus nobilis AGM (bay tree) is most commonly cultivated and used for culinary purposes
Laurus nobilis f. angustiolia (willow-leaved laurel) has thinner leaves than bay, but they are still edible

2 Jun, 2017


Thank you scotsgran,that is very helpful,and the link to photinas was brilliant I have learned a lot.Yes this site is very good,and I have had help with all my questions.

2 Jun, 2017

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