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By Taurman

Cork, Ireland Ie

Hi folks, 2 Qs.
The plant featured, can you identify as planted it 2 years ago and moved it in the Spring and it's doing poorly, probably on deaths door fed it with potash and chicken manure, what can I do to revive?
The 2nd Q, the laurel hedge was planted two years ago and after an initial growth spurt has been fairly anaemic, been feeding it tomatoes food, soil is poor and it's exposed to winds as we are high up on hillside. Any thoughts or is it as good as it gets?
Thank you in advance and continued happy gardening.

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The first plant looks like escallonia. I would probably pruned it and made sure that it didn't lack water. I wouldn't have fed it until it had re-established. You could still lightly prune and give it a mulch and no feed.
Secondly, a good mulch and a light feed with you poultry manure, leave the tomato feed out. In an exposed environment your hedge needs to have a hard leafy growth which will be soft if you use too much feed.

3 Jun, 2017


Thank you Jimmy, obviously in my mind a good feed is a cure for all ills, obviously not always.

3 Jun, 2017

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