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I want to buy a witch hazel plant...but what is the best time of year to plant it? If I buy in June is that too lye in the year to plant it outside?



Witch Hazel, Hamamelis, is a tree not a plant... You need to wait until October time to buy and plant now even December should be fine. Be aware that this tee/shrub wants to grow to around 4 metres with a similar spread so don't think of planting in a tiny spot. Neds full sun to partial shade.

2 Jun, 2017


Along with most container plants it can be planted at any time of the year as long as the ground is not frozen; I think you will find that a good selection will be found in the autumn. As MG says, many can grow up to 4 metres, then I would say it's best planted in the ground in a neutral to acid soil. You may find that there are some imported subjects but I would recommend home-grown if you can afford it.

3 Jun, 2017



I would test your soil first as they like a acid to neutral soil to thrive as Jimmy has mentioned already , if growing in a pot a ericaceous compost will be needed .

3 Jun, 2017


Yes, I bought one a couple of years ago...about this time of was looking so healthy in it's pot. Pricey though it was. I planted it in the ground (I have neutral soil) and it did brilliantly. If you do buy a potted one, make sure to remember to water it well right through the summer until its roots grow in to the soil. Really it should be watered next year too. I chose 'Arnold Promise' and it has been absolutely superb. Its autumn colours are absolutely beautiful and the flowers are acid yellow in February.

3 Jun, 2017


As above,Witch Hazel can be planted pretty much any time of the year -great choice but a little pricey

4 Jun, 2017

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