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By Jaykaty

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Bees nesting in one of my blue tit boxes. I have what I think may be white or buff tailed bees nesting in my bird box. They are very active at the moment, my question is will they eventually die out/go elsewhere so that I can clean the box out later in the year ready for blue tits (hopefully) to nest in it next year? The bees are not causing any problems so I don't want to disturb them now.



Yes, once Summer is over the majority of them will die and the Queens will hibernate somewhere.

4 Jun, 2017


Sounds like you have Tree Bumblebee they arrived in the UK about 10 years ago and inhabit most of the UK but struggle in Scotland , they love a bird box to make a home in.

I agree with Owlboggy , they should be gone by the Autumn , give a good clean out, the new queens dont automatically use the same box the following year.

4 Jun, 2017


Thank you Owdboggy and Gnarly gnome for your replies and I'll leave the cleaning until Autumn as you suggest.

4 Jun, 2017


I had this happen last year and they left in late September. They were wonderful to watch.

5 Jun, 2017


I'm enjoying watching them too SBG, last year I had a bees' nest under my garden shed but I couldn't remember when they departed. Thanks for your info.

6 Jun, 2017

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