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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

A couple of my toms had this pattern on the leaves. I cut them off. But was this necessary and should I worry if more appear ?





Are they growing in a greenhouse ? the reason I ask as it look like water droplets have been left on the leaves in full sunshine and they have been scorched.

I may be wrong but will be interesting to see what the others may have to say

4 Jun, 2017


That was my instant thought too GG water left in leaves if full sun and they've been scorched. Hank always water your toms. in such a way the leaves do not get wet.

4 Jun, 2017


Thanks guys, much relieved. Could have been water before I started watering them more carefully. It was on the bottom leaves only and now they're about 2 ft tall.

4 Jun, 2017


Hi Hank

Try and water just the soil , at least we all now what it is now, only cosmetic wont effect the crop.

4 Jun, 2017


Sorry, I may have replied twice as my reply didn't show up when I checked just now.

4 Jun, 2017


Looks like salt residue from fertilizer or something that splattered on the leaves. If so just spray it off with water or wipe with a damp sponge.

4 Jun, 2017


Thanks all, job solved I think.

4 Jun, 2017

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