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My newly planted hollyhock is being eaten alive by something (see picture attached). I've tried anti-slug pellets around it and spraying it with a pest killer but to no avail. Any ideas as to what the culprit is and what I can do?




It does look like slug damage doesn't it. Have you checked for caterpillars or sawfly? You'd only need one...

5 Jun, 2017


Agree, looks like caterpillars or cutworms. In any case, get some 'Sluggo' or 'Bug Geta' and spread around your plants. I also found citrus peels to be an effective repellent. Tear up the citrus peels into small bits & sprinkle them around the plants. It works for a few days until they decompose, but just keep adding new peels.

5 Jun, 2017


Thanks both! I'll try citrus peel over the next few days

5 Jun, 2017

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