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Our predecessors planted a berberis below a flowering cherry in the corner of the front garden. Berberis shoots up then I cut it back. It was 6 ft high and about 4 ft wide. Anyway I cut it back. Right back. I foot high. No sign of new anything! Will it grow on old wood?
I can't totally take it out with the cherry. A wall is 2ft high sets the edge B is always a threat to kids passing by. A friend has planted a berberis hedge down the road. Takes all sorts.



Should come back okay... when did you give it he chop? I'd only have removed half the height, if that, but it 'should' still survive.

5 Jun, 2017


Most Barberries are as tough as old boots, but a few can be persnickety. Any idea which species it was?

6 Jun, 2017


I removed some at the side weeks 2 weeks ago to see the cherry trunk more & get past the car into the drive. The top was where the growth was. Last thursday I took everything down to 6inches-9 & 1ft high. The bush is over 25 yrs old & hardy. One year new leaves were totally eaten by tiny snails. They live in the cavity wall

6 Jun, 2017


Hi, 5 days isn't very long for a shrub to rejuvenate itself, especially as you've taken it back to the oldest wood, it should start to show signs of regrowth in about a month or so, Derek.

6 Jun, 2017


My gardening is totally on hold as I 've just had an op & no lifting for 6 weeks.....I will be in just looking mode

9 Jun, 2017


Ouch!! Oh, well, sometimes just looking over time is the best way to learn gardening.

10 Jun, 2017


nowt yet

14 Jun, 2017


I think you are expecting to much too soon Bramhallbill, were there any side shoots let when you cut back or did you remove them all?

14 Jun, 2017


Seen 2 lots of growth not bad for less than 2 weeks

17 Jun, 2017

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