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Hi All. I'm wondering what the difference is between a Climbing Rose & a Rambling Rose, my Mum wants one for the garden arch, not a Red or Yellow one, we want one that will grow up & over it, we have a yellow & a red one on the other side :0) excuse the mess.....its ongoing work in progress LOL, If anyone has pics of there's I'd love to see them please xx Jackie xx

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A climbing rose is usually repeat flowering, needs pruning late Feb/early March, and really are just taller than usual roses; a rambling rose tends to have smaller flowers which come out all at once, in one main flush, then doesn't flower again until the following year, apart from occasional (if you're lucky) odd blooms later the same year, and over time, may form a thicket or hedge of (usually) thorny branches, should be pruned in September.

For an arch, a climber would probably be best, but check the height and spread - some of them want to spread a fair bit, so choose one that doesn't.

6 Jun, 2017


Thanks for the info Bamboo x

6 Jun, 2017


If you want pics have a look at some suppliers websites or catalogues. David Austin has some nice climbers or you could look at Friars Roses for example. There are lots of others.

6 Jun, 2017


Thanks for the info Steragram x

9 Jun, 2017


I have a lovely scented climber that might look well beside the red rose. Its called 'Sunrise' and I got it from Style Roses (online).

19 Jun, 2017

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