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I'm pretty sure I have rose midges! Help!! ! ! ... my first rose,garden ever, so disappointed cause everything I'm reading says it's pretty much impossible to get rid of



I would spray regularly with spinosad for 6-8 weeks to try to break the life cycle, though they may still fly in from your neighbors, later. Imidacloprid is also said to be effective, but it will kill more honeybees than properly applied spinosad. Permethrin is also effective, but while not as toxic as imidacloprid, it is still more toxic than spinosad. With the spinosad, I would spray in the evening, since it will be toxic to honeybees for about three hours after spraying.

8 Jun, 2017


Ok great. Thank you so much!

8 Jun, 2017


Glad to help! :)

8 Jun, 2017

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