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Hi, I have a question. Can anyone tell me how to deal with the Tulip blubs that have now gone over, that I grew very successfully in hanging baskets, can I keep the bulbs and reuse them next year. Also can you answer me why some ghastly little bug could have reduced my 1st time attempt at growing Ornamental Poppies, to nothing but a few sticks almost overnight. Very upset they looked set to be beautiful. Kind thanks in advance. sellina46



It was most likely slugs that had your poppies for breakfast. They love very young tender things..
When you tulips are completely dried off you can save them for next year either in paper bags or pots of dry soil. But unless they were fed regularly after the flowers had faded they probably won't come to much next year as the bulbs form their plans for next year before they die back. It would probably have been better to plant them in the garden before they'd died back, and buy fresh for your baskets. You can always plant them out now if you like but they may take several years to flower again. If they do flower in the garden you can dig them up after feeding well as above and use them for pots later. But I don't really think its worth it.

8 Jun, 2017


Also, if they weren't buried at least 10 cm deep in the basket, they have probably broken up into many small bulblets that won't bloom for the next 2-3 years. Tulips that aren't planted deep enough usually do that.

8 Jun, 2017


Thanks Flag, you live and learn, I wont be planting baskets with Tulips that's for sure. Regards sellina46

11 Jun, 2017

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