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Plant IDs please! Just moved into a new bungalow and want to know what these 3 plants are and whether I can take cuttings, Thanks

Img_0666 Img_0668 Img_0671



Nigella, an annual so self sown seedlings
One of the Hypericum tribe
Lychnis coronaria, grown from seed.

9 Jun, 2017


I agree with Owd. The Nigella is called Love-in-a-mist. The Hypericum is probably the wild Hypericum androsaemum, possibly a present from the birds. It pops up everywhere and can be a nuisance, but pretty flowers. Under that is what looks like one of the Campanula species (the blue flower).
The Lychnis coronaria self seeds quite happily or you can collect some of the seed when dry and sow yourself. It is a perennial but can become very straggly and the centre of the plant brown. Best then to pull up and start again. Common name for this is Dusty Miller!

9 Jun, 2017


Thanks a lot for the info!

14 Jun, 2017

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