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Hi all.I have posted about this plant before regards to slugs


By Solada

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all.
I have posted about this plant before regards to slugs.I have been putting slug pellets and do find dead snails etc around the base of the plant.and in the pellet as advised on here.
But....still ,the poor leaves are getting munched.
I have also noticed a few brown spots on a couple of the leaves.
It is a shame as it is growing well,even got a flower on it.

Help please!!!!




try putting the pot on a 'saucer' full of grit to discourage them crawling across and up to the leaves.

don't forget any holes made wont heal so your plant will be left with the holes made previously.

its a pretty hydrangea.

9 Jun, 2017


It doesn't look much different to me from the last time you showed it. Perhaps you are worrying too much. Your hydrangea looks very healthy and most garden plants will be found to have small blemishes here and there when looked at closely. You are doing the right things, just stop worrying so much and enjoy it - its a gorgeous colour.

10 Jun, 2017


Thank you for your replies.
The plant was a cutting I got last autumn,during the winter it sort of died,nothing in the pot,I just left it .To
my surprise it grew again come Spring.So the damage done is new,in spite of the pellets,there are more holes and pieces of leaf being eaten.Want to plant in the garden eventually.
Pesky slugs and snails !!!!

10 Jun, 2017


Never mind Solada. Once its planted out and gets going it will be too big in a few years for a few slug bites to be noticeable. It didn't "sort of die" in the winter - they always lose their leaves then, like most of our trees do. You've done really well raising your plant from a cutting.

I have just looked on google about your problem and discovered that there are a couple of other small creatures that might eat hydrangea leaves but they should be easily visible on the back of the leaves if they are present.

10 Jun, 2017


Hi,the above hydrangea is now HUGE but,alas,after that first pink flower,have not had any more.The plant is really healthy and I am managing to keep it slug free.

Why no more flowers...??????
Any thoughts???

10 Aug, 2017

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