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My poorly rose. I feel really bad but I had to move it last week. I have a feeling I didn't get enough of the deep roots out. Having said that parts of it have come into flower and parts are dying. Is it wirth cutting back and if so how much by?




Well you could try cutting off the flowering stems to give it more chance of growing new roots and keep it well watered, but otherwise, its a wait and see I'm afraid.

10 Jun, 2017


Would have been best to move it when it was dormant. From my experience a rose in a pot isn't a wonderful idea. Best grown in the ground, cool roots and constantly moist. As Bamboo says, give it a light trim and see what happens.

10 Jun, 2017


Too late for cutting back to do much good. As Bamboo says, I would just cut off the flower buds and keep it well watered, now. Superthrive might help, or pumpkin seed tea.
In the future, if you have to transplant something out of season, I would cut it back by one quarter to one third immediately before digging it up. That helps keep the plant from drying out before it can grow new roots. Giving a temporary shade also helps.

10 Jun, 2017

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